ตัวอย่างเรซูเม่ฝึกงานผู้จัดการสำนักงาน (Office Manager Intern Resume)

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ตัวอย่างเรซูเม่ฝึกงานตำแหน่งผู้จัดการสำนักงาน (Office Manager Intern Resume)

Sandy Barbara
239 Queenslane, Oakland, Mahattan, NY
Telephone: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Email: your@email.com


An extremely energetic and skilled management professional seeking a role as an office manager intern with your organization where my strong organizational skills, leadership and ability to rally people around a course is utilized in effectively harnessing the human and material resource of your firm to attain organizational goals.


  • Excellent team building and supervision skill needed to be an effective manager
  • Excellent and effective communication skill
  • Attention to detail
  • Excellent problem solving skills
  • Budgeting and ability to track budget spending to enable me discover cost saving points
  • Proficient with Microsoft word packages
  • Process management and ability to be innovative in order to improve efficiency
  • Comfortable leading others and delegating when appropriate

Computer Skills

  • Proficient with project management software for tracking project stages
  • Adept at creating, updating and deleting databases for easy of retrieving data.
  • Exceptional MS PowerPoint skill for preparing presentations
  • Skilled in the use of customer relationship management software (CRM)


  • Won the staff award for the month of August 2015
  • Received the CEO commendation for boost Workflow efficiency
  • Developed and efficient Office management process

Relevant Work History

Office Assistant | Sept. 2016 – Present

ABC Company – Anytown, NY

  • Ensured the smooth running of the office
  • Oversaw and managed office staff of 5
  • Planned and organized official events this include both informal and formal events.
  • Maintained and monitored supply of office supplies
  • Developed process to improve efficiency in the office this boosted productivity by 25 percent.
  • Through expense tracking was able to eliminate wastages thereby cutting back on running expense
  • Assisted in HR functions by updating staff personal information on company’s database

Receptionist | Administrative Assistant  – March 2015 – Sept. 2016

XYX Ltd – Anytown, NY

  • Served as the personal assistant to the CEO of the company
  • Screened, received on behalf of the CEO
  • Oversaw the implementation of automated report generating program that help improve management decision making process
  • Took minutes and action points during meetings and also type and send them to everyone involved in the meeting
  • Ran errands for the CEO

Other Experiences

Pool and Deck Supervisor | Some Town Cruise Inc | Some Town | Summer 2015

  • Supervised deck attendants and instructed them on what to do
  • Ensured that the Pool and Deck area is orderly and well kept
  • Made sure that all guests were comfortable and well attended
  • Greets and welcomes guests to Deck areas according to cruise standards of services

Cruise Ticketing officer | Some XYZ Inc | Someplace Town | Summer 2014

  • Confirm guest bookings and made sure all details are accurately entered
  • Generated confirmation codes for the clients
  • In charge of confirming payments from guests
  • Uploaded all data to the customer relationship management platform
  • Handled incoming calls and queries from guests.

Additional capabilities

  • Extremely reliable and discrete with sensitive information
  • Exceptional Analytical skills to break problems into smaller units
  • Strong ability to adapt to changing environment


Anytown State University, NY

Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (in view)

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